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Would you like to see that the fruits of your labour continuing to benefit your children, and their children for many, years to come. Your wealth really can cascade down the generations. RWA help many people just like you to create benefits for their families through Family Trusts.

Trusts are not just for the super-rich. Whatever your position, the tax man wants to keep taxing each generation repeatedly. If you act now however, your children and grandchildren can benefit from everything that you have worked so hard for over the years with the set up of a life-time Trust.

Do you really just have to accept 40% Inheritance Tax?

Our video explains how a Family Trust can protect your assets for future generations

Family Trusts – Here’s 6 Benefits


A Trust cannot be challenged in Court whereas a Will can. Increasingly more Wills are being challenged in court by aggressive Probate Lawyers.


You can protect family members who cannot look after their finances wisely or if they have disabilities.


Assets held in Trust for your children are protected from their marital disputes and money problems including bankcruptcy.


If you set up a Trust for your family home and you move, your new home can go into the same Trust which is set up for 125 years.


Putting your house into a family Trust can save your beneficiaries thousands in legal costs and enable them to sell it without delay.


Unlike giving your home away to your children, you are always in control of your family Trust and your home until you die or lose mental capacity.

Family Trust Video Explainers

The rich have been using Trusts for hundreds of years and you can now do the same. A Family Trust is the ultimate tool to protect your assets, sometimes called a ‘life-time Trust’ it is set up for 125 years and it can protect what you put into it for generations. Although there is the cost to set the Trust up there are no other costs to maintain it.
Arranged at the right time in your life it could protect your home being assessed by the Local Authority if you needed care later in life and when you die assets held in Trust require no probate potentially saving your beneficiaries thousands of pounds and of course if you have estranged children they cannot make a claim when you die either.
All our Trusts are arranged for you by Craig Copley (TEP)
a member of the ‘Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners’

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