Biggleswade Will Writers & Estate Planning Advisors

As a long standing Will Writer serving the Biggleswade community, RWA offers a comprehensive and family friendly service that aims to put clients in full control of their estate and assets.
We have more than 25 years experience providing local families with honest, straight forward advice on Estate Planning, Wealth Protection and specialist Will Writing services.
We put clients’ best interests first, this is the foundation of our business. Our service provides a convenient and cost effective alternative to that offered by solicitors and banks.
It is the aim of RWA to provide a comprehensive advisory service to clients in Biggleswade with legal and financial services available on a Fixed Fee Basis, quoted well in advance of any agreed work. For your assurance our company is a member of ‘The Master Guild of Will Writers’.

While our expertise is centered around Estate Planning, we have formed a special relationship with some premium quality service providers and as a result, we have made it possible for our clients to receive a full range of Legal & Financial Services with your trusted consultant at RWA as your central point of contact.

Every year 40,000 people in the UK have to sell their homes to pay for care

Watch our video to learn how to avoid this

Need a Will Writer in Biggleswade or Estate Planning Advice?

We offer a FREE consultation in order to properly understand your requirements

Will Writing and Estate Planning consultations we undertake in Biggleswade are usually arranged at a client’s convenience in their home. An initial telephone consultation can be arranged if preferred. Simply call us now on 01480 582072 or send us your details so we can arrange your free consultation.